Magical Punta Mita

There are rules in life and then there are exceptions to rules. My travel rule has been to stay away from large developments in exotic destinations and instead opt for off-the-beaten path destinations. The exception to this rule is a 6-bedroom beachfront, luxury villa and also my new found obsession, Casa Majani.

Circular entry way, with center pool filled with local rocks, leading to an open air hallway leading to the property, surrounded by palm trees.

Imagine wooden doors opening up to a cobblestone circular driveway, with 10 staff members waiting for your arrival, with freshly hand squeezed margaritas and aromatic wet towels to freshen you up after your flight and drive up to this property. You are told not to worry about your luggage (or anything for that matter) as the staff on hand already know who you are and where to put your luggage in one of the beautifully appointed bedrooms. You smell and hear the Pacific Ocean, mixed with the perfume of hibiscus. You look ahead and it’s a stone path lined by palm trees surrounded by a reflection pool that invites you into this luxurious slice of heaven.

KeiliAll along the way, the staff are greeting you by name, because they have taken the time as a team to learn about who you are, what you like to do, what your food and drink preferences are and why you are visiting their destination.

Ahead of you is a large palapa overlooking an infinity pool that is spanning the front of the property and gives the illusion that it’s spilling into the ocean ahead. To your right is a surfboard jutting out of the stone wall to serve as your bar table, along with a sand beach with a tropical colored bench just calling to you “please come sit and relax.” Staff is preparing more cold beverages to meet your every thirsty need. Music is playing all around, and out comes the freshly muddled guacamole and house made chips, compliments of your private chef.

Dining_PalapaThis place can be summed up in one word, “magical”. From the attention to detail in each and every room sourced with local materials and art, to the highly attentive staff that are available at your beckon call, to the impeccable food that is served non-stop as if you are at your Russian grandmother’s home telling you to “eat, eat eat”.

Photo Apr 27, 7 53 58 PM

If you are like me, you start to feel guilty about the amount of food you just consumed, so you start looking for a gym. Of course they have that, cause they have thought of everything. If you aren’t into pumping iron or running a marathon on the tread mill, you can head to the yoga studio for a session with a private instructor. Having a hard time with your digital detox? No worries, they got you covered, as they have a media room to watch movies, play games and of course high speed internet for those of you that need to stay digitally connected.

TaoWhen you are ready to kick it up a notch, climb onto one of their paddle boards, kayaks or bikes. Go whale watching, zip-lining, or golfing at the Jack Nicklaus-designed course. When you are ready for some local culture, head over to Sayulita, an eclectic surf town just 20 minutes away. When you come back, schedule a massage anywhere on the property, enjoy a cooking class, or dip into the pool while jamming to your own tunes.

Photo Apr 28, 1 39 41 PMWhen your head is ready to hit the pillow, retreat to your air conditioned room, close the blackout shades, and fall asleep knowing that tomorrow you get to wake up to this tropical perfection. When you finally awake from your slumber, hop into your outdoor shower or soak in the tub overlooking the ocean.  Head out to the palapa as staff greet you in the morning asking what they can bring you, so you can stuff your face all over again. This place makes you wish you were Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, cause you want everyday to be like the previous one here.

Casa Majani

With so many things to do and see, Casa Majani has everything you could want. Natural beauty, gorgeous coastline, mountains, jungle, golf, authentic local experiences, relaxation and the high level of service that Mexico is well known for. Trust me when I say that you will be planning your next trip back here as soon as you leave.






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