Is Your Bucket List Still Waiting?

Do you spend your spare time dreaming about travel destinations and experiences you want to have before you die? Maybe you spend hours upon hours doing research, or you subscribe to a plethora of travel magazines, or you follow your friend’s travels on social media, only wishing you were there.  So, you write down your bucket list items and maybe it includes seeing your favorite musician at Red Rocks, base jumping in New Zealand, visiting the Seven Wonders of the World, traveling to every continent, making a trek to Antarctica, or taking your kids out of school for a year or more to use the world as their classroom. However, you get lost in the day to day shuffle of your life and push off your bucket list in order to do what you deem as responsible. Before you know it, you realize you haven’t checked anything off of your bucket list. There is a yearning in you to throw caution to the wind and just make it happen, no matter the consequence. But luckily, you can still be responsible AND make your bucket list a reality.


No matter what your dreams are, there is a way to make it happen with good planning. How, you ask? Through a planning tool called  Wanderlist®. By working with a travel designer from True North Travel Design, you will create a bucket list of destinations and together we will map out your travel portfolio plan, much like you would with a wealth advisor (but much more fun and exciting).


We have five simple steps in creating your travel portfolio plan.

  1. Audit – the process starts with a short 10 minute survey. Once completed, we host a planning session to gain a better understanding of your hopes and expectations.
  2. Design – we get started on your plan by cross referencing your destinations against a dozen or more filters such as price fluctuations, geographic combinations, political environments, etc.
  3. Review – we present our preliminary plan and listen to your input.
  4. Revise – using your thoughts and comments as guidance we finalize your Wanderlist.
  5. Wanderlist – we present final documents, which strategically organize your travel dreams.


This is a travel portfolio plan that you can use with your wealth advisor to assist in strategically planning out your investments. You can work with your trust advisor or estate planner to create a plan for your children or grand children so they can start creating their own bucket lists. There other benefits of using Wanderlist as well.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with a master travel plan
  • Always have your next trip to anticipate and enjoy
  • Achieve more efficient use of your time by eliminating hours of personal research
  • Save thousands of dollars by eliminating backtracking to destinations that can be easily combined into one trip
  • Secure your spot during peak periods by planning ahead
  • Maximize your travel dollar by locking in favorable rates, negotiating prices for repeat bookings and adjusting trip timing
  • Strategically earn and redeem frequent flyer miles and credit card points


Instead of just wishing that you could fulfill your bucket list, make it a reality. You have nothing to lose and only the world to gain.

Tracy Larson is the founder of True North Travel Design based in St. Michael, MN. You can read more from her on her blog or follow her on social media @truenorthtraveldesign.

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